Cashback system, which is one of the most commonly used refund mechanisms in recent years, provides great advantages for consumers and businesses to earn promotions from their expenses. Cashback cards offer you the chance to earn cash from the money you spend by allowing you a percentage of refund and reward points. Let’s take a closer look at what cashback means and how refunds work.

What is Cashback?

The question “what is cashback, what is a cash refund?” is among the main topics that come to mind for cardholders who want to take advantage of advantageous shopping opportunities. In cashback, also known as a cash refund, a portion of the expenditure in the card-based purchases is refunded to your card. While the cashback amount for cards with cashback application for all expenses is at lower levels, the advance rate of cards that offer cashback for purchases made with affiliated institutions can be higher.

You can also think of the cashback application as a reward or incentive. Cashback can also refer to the practice of deducting an amount above the purchase price from a bank card and then receiving the excess amount in cash at that moment and place.

How Does Cashback Work?

Cashback applications, which date back to the 1990s, allow you to take full advantage of advantageous shopping opportunities. Unlike traditional reward points, the cashback system brings cash refund rewards directly to users. Cash refunds are given to the cardholder as a plus balance or direct payment. Users can also request that the cashback reward be deposited directly into a checking account or bank account.

If a prepaid card promises a 4% refund for purchases made with affiliated institutions, a cashback of 2% of the annual or monthly expenses can be obtained. For example; with a prepaid card that has a 4% cashback feature, a cashback of 600 TL can be obtained for an annual expenditure of 15,000 TL from affiliated institutions. Cash refunds are usually made annually, but some cards can make refunds on a monthly basis as well. You can take advantage of advantageous shopping options and cashback opportunities in many sectors such as retail, food, market, clothing, and fuel.

How Do Cashback Cards Reward Your Expenses?

Your card activity is rewarded with a certain percentage for each purchase transaction.

You can earn cashback for expenses that take place in pre-defined categories such as fixed-category, travel, food, or clothing. Earnings amounts can be higher than fixed cashback amounts. However, defining the categories and deciding which businesses to include is up to the card issuer.

Category-specific cards offer an extra high cashback percentage for specific categories for a short period of time. This can usually be a monthly or longer period.

How Are Cashback Credit Card Rewards Paid to You?

What is cashback and how is it earned? Cashback card earnings can be paid in cash or points. The reflection of these earnings can vary depending on the card and institution used. It is seen that they are mostly offered as a point system in banking institutions.

Param Cashback Refund Period: Cashback refunds are reflected in your wallet immediately after payment for purchases made with ParamKart, within the scope of campaign details.

What are the Advantages of Cashback Cards?

Prepaid cards without monthly/yearly usage fees or membership fees like ParamKart can be used in all areas of daily life thanks to their fast, secure, and easy payment options. Getting a high percentage of cashback from your expenses is one of the most important advantages of cashback cards. This way, you earn more as you spend and can manage your earnings more conveniently. You can transfer cash to your prepaid card in any amount by opening an account. You can shop freely without being limited by the card limit.

After making a purchase with a cashback card, the cashback within the agreement rate is immediately loaded onto your card. Param, which pioneered many firsts in Turkey, can be easily used in both e-commerce and all other expenses thanks to its extensive membership merchant network. Param Cardholders can easily receive cashback after making purchases from affiliated institutions and stores.

You can use the balances in your Param account at all bank ATMs and POS devices in Turkey through your ParamKart. As a ParamKart holder, you can also receive cashback from purchases made at affiliated merchants. Start taking advantage of Param campaigns and benefits now. You can visit this page for ParamKart advantages.

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