The digitalization of finance is not new, but the use of more and more companies has brought different demands and developments.

Fintech firms offer the opportunity to optimize their business within small or medium businesses. Just like large companies, the process becomes more controlled by utilizing strong financial technology.

Fintech helps you maximize the performance of your business, regardless of its size. Financial technology tools are diverse and constantly evolving towards the same goal. It provides you the best management of business finance. For example; payment infrastructures, business intelligence dashboards for better management control, alternative payment methods and multi-channel payment systems to reach more customers.

Among these methods, we discuss the pay by link system, which aims to save you from big costs and get paid.

What is Pay by Link, How Does It Work?

Among all the payment channels offered by the fintech market, pay by link is one of the most preferred. First of all, let’s talk about what pay by link is, how it works, why it is a payment channel with incredible potential for small and medium-sized businesses.

Pay by link allows customers to pay with a credit or debit card over a secure connection. Pay by Link service is a simple and useful tool. It allows any merchant to receive payments online without the need for a website.

With ParamTIK, you can easily get paid with a single link you send to your customers, without the need for a website.

How to Make Quick and Easy Collection with ParamTIK?

  1. Apply for your ParamTIK account. Access the user-friendly payment board that will be available to you for free.
  2. Easily set up and schedule one-time or recurring payments via secure payment links.
  3. With ParamTIK, you can maintain your sales by creating payment steps specific to your products or customers.

Benefits of Payment Connection for Seller

  • Pay by link comes with the support of a secure payment gateway. The solutions are equipped with fraud protection.
  • Receiving payments with a payment link reduces overhead as it eliminates the need for a third-party app or a point-of-sale terminal. (Time saving, maintenance and installation fees)
  • You can share the link, which addresses to your pay by link on all social media and messaging platforms.
  • Merchants using link payment create flexible payment plans for their customers.
  • Link payment creates a completely seamless customer experience with flexible payments and high-speed transactions. Such experiences are likely to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Customers do not need to download an additional application to make their payments.
  • The Pay by Link service provider chosen by a member business has standards in accordance with all relevant legislation regarding customer data security.

For more information on Pay by Link, you can contact us now.

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