The e-commerce market continues to grow at an accelerating pace every year in Turkey. as well as in the global arena. According to the figures of the Electronic Commerce Operators Association, which explains the data on the e-commerce market in Turkey; In 2021, e-commerce volume increased by nearly 70% to 381.5 billion TL compared to the previous year. The number of orders, on the other hand, increased by more than 1 billion units in 1 year and reached 3.34 billion units. The same data indicate that the share of e-commerce in total trade exceeds 17 percent.

While the e-commerce market is experiencing significant increases every year, sellers are looking for ways to increase their sales through e-commerce platforms. There are accepted answers to the question of “increasing e-commerce sales” in Turkey and in the world. In this content, we will discuss the 5 most important moves from the methods of increasing online sales.

Support your sales with social media platforms

You can do electronic commerce through your own e-commerce site and marketplaces. Social media channels can be the channel that e-commerce platforms that sell with these two methods often neglect. Social media platforms, especially Facebook and Instagram, have been supporting e-commerce with a number of applications and features that support e-commerce in recent years. Even if you operate on your own site or marketplace, trying to sell your products on Instagram or Facebook can be one of your first moves to increase your e-commerce volume.

Reach the right target audience through social media

You can use the advertising/promotional features of social media channels to reach your potential customers. The advanced ad targeting features of social media channels that bring audiences together provide a great advantage. In this way, you can easily reach suitable audiences with ads focused on gender, age and behavior.

Using a payment provider that meets the needs of your business is an important factor in your out-of-location sales. Today, it is the biggest supporter of your ability to sell to different cities or even countries. You can immediately apply to ParamPOS, which offers a secure infrastructure among Online Payment Providers.

Don’t neglect Google ads

Google Ads platform is another effective method you can use to deliver your products and services to potential buyers. Thus, you can increase your sales by effectively reaching internet users outside of social media platforms.

SEO compatible content activities  

Many issues are neglected when selling from your own e-commerce site or marketplaces. Product/service descriptions are one of the most neglected of these areas. Promote your content products or services effectively. It is important to write SEO friendly as well as being fluent and encouraging shopping. SEO compliance increases your chances of increasing your sales and reaching your potential customers through your e-commerce site. Thus, you will also contribute to the reduction of your advertising expenses. You can have a search engine friendly e-commerce site with SEO compatibility.  You should not forget that doing the right keyword work is also a very important detail.

Increase engagement and sales with your target audience through Influencer  

Influencer effect has an important place in increasing E-Commerce sales. Today, world giant brands frequently use this channel. You can increase your interaction with your potential customers and increase your sales by collaborating with influencers who have a significant number of followers on channels such as Youtube, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

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