Prepaid cards, debit or credit cards can be used for all your transactions. You can spend the amount you have loaded on your card on the internet and at all POS stores in the stores. If you wish, you can also load and withdraw money from ATMs.

These cards, which can be produced by electronic money institutions and banks established under the license and control of the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BDDK), also offer a wide range of possibilities in terms of usage areas.

Unlike debit and credit cards, prepaid cards can also be used anonymously. However, due to legal transaction restrictions, a maximum amount of 1250 TL can be deposited to anonymous cards. It is also worth noting that shopping in installments cannot be made with prepaid cards.

Is it possible to shop in installments with a prepaid card?

Although the Prepaid Card can be used in many areas where debit and credit cards can be used, they are not cards that offer installment shopping. For this reason, money is charged from your card with a single withdrawal during your shopping. And this money does not reflect on your statement next month.

Prepaid Card; It allows you to spend as much as the amount of money you have loaded on the card. Read more What is a Prepaid Card?  You can read under the title. 

Can the Prepaid Card be used as a Virtual Card?

You can obtain prepaid cards either physically or virtually. Your cards that you create virtually through the mobile application are defined as anonymous.

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